Rolvenden Preschool - each day a new and exciting experience...

What Shall We Do Today?

Each day provides a new - and fun! - opportunity to learn at Rolvenden Pre-School whether inside or out.

With our trained staff and bright and cheery atmosphere, we are confident that your child will enjoy each and every day with us. We prioritise your child's well being within the setting and allow for each child to settle at their own pace by encouraging you to come for taster sessions. Parent's / carers can stay with children until they are happy and confident to leave their child with us.

Take a look at the list opposite to see how we construct our working day. You will note that we combine play, social interaction and outdoor activity to get the most from our time together. Timings are approximate!

Each element has been crafted to bring different aspects of our ethos and vision to bear and experience has shown a timetable constructed in this manner will maximise the learning opportunities for each child whilst not compromising on fun and excitement. Directed activities are limited to allow the children maximum opportunities to use the facilities on offer in their own way.

Our timetable remains flexible and will also include child-led suggestions from time to time as they make their own contribution to our school life is never a dull day!

We change our topic each term (see News page) to give variety to our daily activities. Each theme is explored in a number of different of ways to bring cross-curricular learning through planned provision of play and learning activities.

In addition to our regular routine activities we also welcome visitors from time-to-time to help us to broaden our horizons.

Parents are welcome to come and share their own stories and experiences with the group as we recognise that we all have something different and interesting to offer.

During the spring term we have gardeners visiting to help us plant seeds for our garden and also some plants for the children to take home.

We are lucky enough to have visits from Father Christmas in December, provided all the children have been good!


If you would like to find out more about us or make an arrangement to see how we bring a typical day to life, why not get in touch for a visit.







Free Play
Hello - Date - Timeline
Activities - Free Play - Garden or Hall Play
Snack bar available for half an hour
Activities - Free Play - Garden or Hall

Singing / Music / Story

Home time



Story / Quiet time

Garden / Physical Play / Village Visits / Activities

Free Play
Freestyle Story / Discussion Time
Home time 

 Rolvenden Pre-School - something to enjoy every day...rain or shine!

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