Rolvenden Preschool - a place were education, care and fun blend seamlessly...

Stable Start

Located next to Rolvenden Village Hall, our Preschool is a haven of learning and social development. Developed over many years specifically we aim to give your child the best start to their formal educational journey.

Founded in 1987 as a registered charity, our team of 4 dedicated staff are committed to the processes that will help form a healthy, happy and confident child ready for their exciting move into statutory education.

We are excited to offer up to 18 spaces per session that will allow your child a tailored learning experience - and one that we are confident that both you and they will look back on as having been the best possible start you could have chosen.

Fun, Food and Fresh Air  

In recognising that the early development of the child is about more than just the 3 Rs we enjoy providing an environment that promotes a healthy boost to the whole child - including areas such as play, social interaction and nutrition.

This means that the children are often found out of doors - whatever the weather! - enjoying some play or a supervised walk around the village. We also have access to the village hall itself, allowing us to run around and play social games in a large, secure space all the time learning how to be part of a group, to share and to have fun whilst doing so.

One thing we are very proud of is our garden. We are always looking for new ways to encourage the children to take a healthy interest in the outdoors and providing a variety of learning experiences both inside and out.

With strong local links, we enjoy the relationships we have with the local primary school, church, businesses and individuals giving us further opportunities to encourage the children's personal development within the context of the wider community.

At this age, the examples we set in areas of food and drink are important. As such we do weekly cooking sessions to combine nutrition and cultural cuisine to aid inclusion as well as broadening horizons. We work hard to form a firm foundation in each child's life as to what constitutes a healthy lifestyle through provision of a variety of healthy snacks or even being on hand to assist a parent with what to include in a healthy packed lunch.

Parental Involvement

Having attended taster sessions with your child you will be welcome to stay with them to help them settle at their own pace. This also gives you a chance to see for yourself how we care for your children and how we run our daily sessions.

As a discerning parent, you will want your say in how your child is educated. We provide multiple ways for you to be involved, through welcoming your suggestions, facilitating visits - and even a chance to involve yourself through helping with a session, fund-raising or even joining the committee.

For our part, we commit to informing you about the activities of the school as well as providing you with access to your own child's development. We do this via access to our individual progress and achievement records kept in your child's unique Tapestry account (to which you have access online) that form part of your child's academic history.

Every Child is Special

Each child represents a unique opportunity for us - and one that we welcome. In recognising this wonderful variety, we know that some children may require a more individual approach to their learning experience.

Amongst our staff are those specifically trained in the area of Special Educational Needs and Disability and we invite you to discuss with us how we can make special provision for any kind of extra needs your child may have.

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