Rolvenden Pre-School - the best possible start for your child...

Please browse our site and find out just how Rolvenden Pre-School could be the perfect start to your child's education.

We welcome all prospective parents and children to come for taster sessions and if you decide to enrol your child with us you will be able to stay with them until you are confident that they are settling in well.

You can contact us via the website, by email, telephone or in person at the setting.


Welcome to our Pre-School, where education and social development go hand in hand. Our focus on play, academics, social development and the whole child means that we are confident that everyone will feel at home here. We constantly monitor all children's well being and involvement to ensure each individual reaches their potential.

Our experienced, skilled teaching staff work together as a team to guide your child towards the formal start of their academic journey.

Our School

Our aim is to provide high quality care and education for children approaching statutory school age.

We accomplish this through the provision of a happy environment in which to learn - and play - whilst maintaining a close partnership with parents. This sets in place a firm foundation to give each child the best possible start in developing to their full potential.

Ethos & Vision

Our vision for Rolvenden Pre-School is simple. We aim to be a setting that provides a firm springboard for our children to achieve their fullest potential in life. We foster a fun and exciting environment that promotes a feeling of independence and self-worth whilst providing opportunities to explore the unknown territory that broadens a child's experience every day.

With our clean, calm, harmonious and welcoming décor, visible displays of the children’s creations and a variety of opportunities on offer, each child will be encouraged in their individuality and self-esteem as we always ask the question "what is it like for a child here today?"

Take a look at what we are about and explore further our vision of how we believe Rolvenden Pre-School is the best possible start for your child's education.

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Why not make an appointment today for a visit and chance to chat through just how we could help you.


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