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 What is Current at Our School

Keeping you informed is a key part of our ethos here at Rolvenden Pre-School.

Therefore, we are happy to provide all sorts of information that you might find handy. Whether it is a question about term times, our daily hours or just want to keep in the loop with our news and updates, just take a look opposite for what information is currently available.

Of course, if there is something else that we can help you with that is not answered here, simply get in contact and we will do our best to help you out.

Latest News

Due to the current ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the pre school was closed completely for a number of weeks.

We are now open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings only for small group of children.

We hope to be able to increase the hours and numbers of children attending as the threat of the virus recedes.

Themes for the coming year:

Term 1 - Superheroes

Term 2 - 

Term 3 - Rainforests

Term 4 - 

Term 5 - Closed

Term 6 - 

Special events and fundraising:

St Ives Painting Auction

We are very lucky to have had a beautiful original painting by a local artist auctioned off for us. The winning bid was £125, which will be donated in full to the pre school. Thank you!

Our pre school leavers will be saying their goodbyes to us on Wed 22 July as we send them on their way to primary school. As we are unable to have our usual party this year, we will be having a small celebration on the green opposite pre school instead.


You can keep up to date with our current activities on our Facebook page (search for Rolvenden Pre School). Please have a look, like and share our page or use it to send us a message.






Daily Hours

We are open term time as follows:

9.00 - 3.00

9.00 - 3.00

9.00 - 3.00

9.00 - 3.00

9.00 - 12.00

Term Dates

The school will be open between these dates for  2019 / 2020:

Please note any days where we will be closed for special reasons, staff training and so on.






02 September - 18 October

28 October - 13 December

6 January - 14 February

24 February - 27 March

16 April - 22 May

(Bank Holiday 8 May)

1 June - 23 July

(23 July will be for Friday children to make up for the bank holiday)


Something Else

Need to find out something else that is not covered here? Not to worry - simply get in touch and we will be pleased to assist you.

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